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Why BTB?

Why partner with us?

We enable anyone to become a telco, ISP, data and cloud provider. 

BTB provide all the complex backend systems, a globally connected network, customisable billing system, full contact customer centre and relationships with the Tier 1 carriers.

Over 70 staff acting as your brand and supporting your business.  We answer the phones in your name, send out bills under your branding and provide all customer service and technical helpdesk facilities for your customers.

Our strengths are our NGN network, our customer centre, our world class systems, compelling financial model, and our team.

Brendon Brackin, our MD, discusses the benefits of becoming a telco with BTB:

How we differentiate ourselves
  • Providing the most connected network in Australia, our globally connected NGN.
  • Having direct relationships with all the Tier 1 carriers, enabling the widest product set and true wholesale rates.
  • A full contact service centre, with 70+ staff acting as your brand.
  • Ongoing investments into our world class networks and software systems.
  • Enabling a friendly, inclusive team culture and seeking out the best in industry to work with us.