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Symmetrical Data

Symmetrical Data

For customers who require a business grade broadband service with extremely fast upload speeds BTB offer high speed symmetrical DSL plans - also known as SHDSL, Ethernet and EFM. 

If your customer’s business has more than a few employees a standard ADSL connection is rarely fast enough, especially when most people are using cloud based software products. Practically this means that they are transferring a great deal of data in both directions, something ADSL does not cope with.

A SHDSL or Ethernet connection can provide incredibly fast speeds in both directions, far more than ADSL or even the NBN.  Available in various configurations from 100Gb through to unlimited data plans.

Symmetrical Data 800Px
Symmetrical data can use copper or fibre lines

If there is fibre between the exchange and your customer building we can provision speeds up to an incredibly fast 10Gbps.  Otherwise we can bond multiple copper pairs together in order to deliver speeds up to 80Mbps, still many times faster than an ADSL connection.