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Fixed Wireless Ethernet

Fixed Wireless Ethernet 

Fixed Wireless Ethernet (FWE) provides your customer the speed, flexibility and reliability to access remote locations.

  • The ideal solution where copper or fibre connectivity is not a feasible option.
  • Delivered via line-of-site microwave radio, FWE is both a secure and superfast connection, delivering speeds up to 100x faster than a DSL connection.
  • An effective failover solution for mission critical locations if the primary connection ever fails due to telco outages, fire or flooding.
  • Can be installed within days, versus months for other remote solutions.
Fixed Wireless Ethenet 800Px

Fixed wireless is an ideal way to connect multiple offices where there is no fibre to the building. It does not suffer from the contention or lag that can occur with DSL connections, and is a true business grade symmetrical service providing superfast uploads and downloads.

An easy way to create direct private links between business locations, FWE allows for secure WANs and distributed backup solutions.