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Desktop as a Service

DaaS - Desktop as a Service

Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides your customers with virtual desktops which are hosted on a Cloud server.   Your customers can access their desktops, data and applications from almost any device wherever they like, simplifying operations, improving security and reducing costs.

Imagine having to update a critical application on 30 computers – the IT team would have to work overnight or all weekend ensuring every machine is updated correctly. With DaaS, the change is made in one central place and automatically reflected across all machines – less risk, less downtime, less cost.

DaaS solution benefits:

  • DaaS reduces onsite IT support requirements, ongoing maintenance and the hassle of upgrading operating systems and applications. 
  • Ensure data loss is a thing of the past as everything is stored in the Cloud. 
  • Disaster recovery is easy – in the event of a natural disaster at your customer’s site, the staff can simply relocate and continue working from any other device.
  • New desktops can be provisioned in minutes rather than hours.
  • Enhanced security – virus and malware attacks are far easier to manage; if something is compromised a fresh new instance of the desktop can be deployed in minutes.
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You’re in Good Hands

Cloud Office is our DaaS solution, a joint venture between BTB and R&G Technologies. Established over a decade ago, they have been providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with the latest in ICT services as well as access to leading Tier 1 telecommunication providers.

R&G Technologies is an award-winning ICT firm employing a team of 30+ IT professionals specialising in Cloud solutions. Their platform is certified by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO). 

Cloud Office, the best DaaS solution available, powered by R&G’s certified platforms and BTB’s private data networks.