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Telecoms Dealer

Telecoms Dealer

Imagine a future where you have time to think about sales and growth strategies without the stress of endless monthly targets.

Imagine building a genuine sellable asset with a customer base you legally own – ongoing recurring revenue forever without worrying about termination threats.

Imagine having access to the most sophisticated telco solutions and the fastest fibre networks without having to employ expensive engineers or technical support staff.

Let your imagination soar – it’s all possible today by partnering with BTB – we Build Telco Businesses.
What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, our model is simple; we help grow your business by providing all the systems, technologies and support. You do the selling and we handle the backend complexity.

What’s the cost then?

Again, we keep it simple and fair; BTB charge a small monthly management fee and that’s it.  If you don’t bill anything for the month, then we don’t charge you. Really. We go out of our way to help build your business since we only make money if you do (a once off setup fee applies which covers your training, etc).

Advantages of working with BTB:
  • No targets, no termination threats, no stress.
  • Own your customer base and bill at whatever pace you’re comfortable, without the constant stress of meeting targets.
  • Build a genuine asset – you own the customer base and receive ongoing recurring revenue.
  • Increase your margins and set your own rates – our large scale ensures we secure the most competitive wholesale rates for you.
  • Grow your business without having to invest in expensive IT systems, data networks and billing systems – we’ve already built it for you.
  • 70+ technical and customer service staff acting on your behalf without increasing your own wage bill.
  • Access a huge range of products at wholesale prices via our Tier 1 relationships.
  • All billing, provisioning and help desk issues taken care of for you.

Partner with BTB - the easiest and best way to grow your business.

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