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IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

With established and trusted relationships with your customers, you are in a unique position to leverage your expertise. You are probably already asked to recommend phone and data providers and perhaps you have been directing them to the major telcos and ISPs. Why not provide those services yourself, under your own brand and increase your overall margins?

You already have the technical knowledge to implement complex systems, but don’t want the hassle and expense of running a fully redundant, highly connected telecomunications and data network.  

Access the most peered network in Australia, the NGN, with over 2100 global peers.

Partner with BTB and you can easily provide these services with confidence.  

Immediate access to:

  • Our low contention NGN network, the most peered network in all of Australia.
  • All the Tier 1 telco and data related product sets with competitive negotiated wholesale arrangements.
  • Our cloud PBX systems.
  • Private SIP solutions.
  • MPLS networks.
  • nbn™ at all 121 POIs, including business grade solutions.
  • Customised billing systems and far more.

By partnering with BTB you can compete with the major telcos, providing your customers with the latest technical solutions at highly competitive prices.  Expand your product offerings and revenue streams without increasing your own costs or staffing levels.

See how we can take your Managed IT Services business to the next level.

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